The Acorn Principle: Know Yourself, Grow Yourself



Written and read by Jim Cathcart
About The Audiobook

Self-awareness-knowing your nature, your abilities, and how you react to people and situations-may well be the greatest life-management skill you can have. The Acorn Principle is a guide to doing a complete "life checkup" that will help you pinpoint your talents and strengths. Nurturing those strengths is the key to the success you've always wanted but didn't know how to attain. By reading this book and doing the simple exercises, you'll learn things about yourself that you and most people don't even suspect. You will learn: Why some people attract you and others repel you * How to predict your instinctive reactions to various situations to understand what circumstances you thrive in and why * Where your intellectual blind spots are * Why you like and dislike certain things and how to use that knowledge to motivate yourself * Who are the most influential people in your life and how to connect with them and others more effectively * How to control your simple daily actions in such a way that you develop new abilities and continually grow a better life.
The potential to live the life of your dreams exists within you. The more you explore your talents, your relationships, and the patterns in your life, the more readily you will be able to tap into those potentials. A more fulfilling and meaningful life is possible for you without changing your nature; it will come from discovering who you already are. The mighty oak sleeps within you . . . right now.


“In this powerful book Jim Cathcart will help you discover and express your true self, accelerate your success, and improve your quality of life.” ―Jack Canfield, coauthor of the New York Times #1 bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series

“The Acorn Principle is one of those rare books that beckons you not just to read it cover to cover but over and over.” ―Tony Alessandra, Ph.D., author of Charisma and The Platinum Rule



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