Humor Me: Lighten Up and Love Life Laughing


Written and Narrated by Billy Strean

Explore how laughter and humor can bring you toward the rapture of being alive. Discover how to enhance your health, vitality, relationships, and work. Most of the books, workshops, and approaches to humor involve a variety of approaches telling us to change our thinking. Too much more easily said than done. This book is based on over 30 years of personal learning and teaching and 5,000 years of wisdom. What makes the method advocated here so powerful is that it combines the best of holistic learning and views of the whole person with practical and tested ways to generate radical shifts in how individuals and groups perform and experience life. Take an adventure with national award-winning teacher, Dr. Billy Strean.
Chapters include: "The Practice of Practicing Practices,” "Love Life Laughing, Practice Lightheartedness,” "Dance to the Finish Line,” 
"Just Don’t Do It: Relaxation, Rest, and Recovery”, "Get Off Your Ass And Shut Your Pie Hole”, "The Magic Of Laughter/The Laughter Of Magic”, "Soak Up the People”, “Two Smile Service”, "Building a Humor Body”, "Humor & Perspectives: Seeing the Lighter Side.”, “The Biggest Laugh of All”, and "Conclusion: May the Farce Be With You”

Also, Includes a Bonus 20-minute laughter yoga session

About the Author

Billy Strean is Professor in the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation at the University of Alberta where he received the Rutherford Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in 2008 and, in 2011, was one of ten Canadians to be honored with selection to the prestigious 3M National Fellowship. Dr. Strean is a Master Somatic Coach, Certified Professional Co-active Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, and Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher. Billy has delivered over 500 keynotes and workshops across North America, helping audiences to “Feel Great. Work Great. Be Great.”

Praise for Billy Strean

“As a therapeutic humorist, I’m always on the lookout for intriguing books on the subject. This one immediately caught my attention because the playful chapter titles made me want to read every one of them right away. The fresh and fun approach in both the ideas and the writing helped me become more alive through laughter and humor. And, as you will learn from this remarkable book, that is the HoHo Dojo.”
—Allen Klein, author of The Healing Power of Humor
and You Can’t Ruin My Day


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