Married To The Game


"Lydia Harris was instrumental in the founding of a major hip-hop record label and had to fight to get what she deserved. Sound familiar?"

One woman with one mission and one opportunity to change the lives of many, this one woman is Lydia Harris a/k/a Lady Boss. Lydia has survived death threats, attempted kidnappings and attempts to take her life and yet she still stayed down to protect her interests in her young empire.

In establishing her poignant career as a record label CEO several years ago, the Houston Texas native went on to achieve notable success as the co-owner of Death Row Records, in addition to her current production companies Keeping the Dream Alive Productions (K.D.A.) and Dream On Productions (D.O.P.). The latter two companies are responsible for the release of the 2002 docudrama Welcome To Death Row, and for the forthcoming biography entitled Married To The Game.