Notes to a Software Team Leader


Are you an Architect? Scrum master? Team Leader? Project Manager?
Either way, you will find that leadership, done right, is a very tough job. This book deals with the hard parts. Not with tools, but with people. 
Here is the manifesto that drives this book: 
For us as team leaders, the goal and the way we measure our work is the overall growth in skills of self-organization and self-maintenance in each member of our team and the team as a whole. 
To that end:
  • We accept that the team's needs from us change continuously based on their skills for handling the current reality of work, so we embrace a continuously changing leadership style over a one-style-fits-all leadership approach.
  • We believe in challenging ourselves and our teams to always get better, so we create slack time for the team to learn and be challenged, we embrace taking risks for our team over staying safe, we embrace fear and discomfort while learning new skills over keeping people within their comfort zone.
  • We embrace experimentation as a constant practice over maintaining the status quo with people, with tools,with processes, with the environment
  • We believe our core practice is leading people, not wielding machines, so we embrace spending more time with our team than in meetings, we embrace treating software problems as people problems, we learn people skills and communication techniques.

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