Sixty, Sex & Tango


Beatnik baby boomer Joan Moran thinks it is time to get rid of all the old clichés about getting older. In her memoir Sixty, Sex, & Tango, she shares her engaging, humorous, and wildly entertaining personal journey as she provides a unique perspective on the trials and tribulations of being an active, sexy, intelligent woman in her sixties. Joan Moran is a former actress turned yoga and tango teacher who, through her own personal experiences, knows it is possible to age gracefully, find an authentic voice, pursue a passion, and discover a spiritual balance—all while living with great joy, sex, and romance. A self-proclaimed wandering Jewess, Moran shares how she found the courage to keep moving forward after the loss of love, learned to embrace her life with an open heart; and faced her fears with gratitude. Filled with honesty, laughter, and life lessons, the anecdotes in Sixty, Sex, & Tango will teach anyone how to live each day with dignity, grace, and humor.

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