The Essence of Being a Genius


This audiobook is an excerpt taken from the book by Dr. Radmanesh titled "Advanced Principles of Success and Prosperity".

Dr. Radmanesh has authored several popular books including "Advanced Principle of Success & Prosperity," in 2012, “The Ultimate Keys to Success  in Business & Science,” in 2008, and “Cracking the Code of Our Physical Universe,” in 2006, and another “The Gateway to Understanding: Electrons to Waves and Beyond,”  in 2005.

Dr. Radmanesh has created a wealth of technical information in engineering, sciences, education and the business world using time-tested principles and the scientific methodology. He intends to bring about a higher level of understanding in the business and scientific communities across the globe and the society as a whole, about the basic principles of life and livingness of which the knowledge about business, and principles of prosperity is but a subset.

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