The Growing-Up Years: An Anthology of Short Stories


Compiled by MedC Harry

The short stories in “The Growing Up Years” were contributed by different authors. The disarming and relatable narrators will guide the way to an unforgettable journey through schoolyards, hospitals, first jobs and relationships.  Some stories are true, others are fiction but all of them have something to offer to every reader. There is joy, sorrow, regret, loneliness but most of all there is hope and a subtle message that will help readers feel less alone

 MedC Harry often recorded events and experiences during the journey through life. There were many short stories penned as a result, several of the stories ended up in the basement without an ending. Some of the stories that did get an ending made it to the shredder before the idea of a compilation was born. As a result, the contributors were asked to share their stories that were written during a time past and were forgotten about. The outcome is a lengthier work filled with various desires, topics and experiences that has captured the attention of different styles, ages and genders.

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