The Humor Advantage


Written by Michael Kerr

and Narrated by Chris Roman

Energize employees and turn customers into raving, passionate fans! The Humor Advantage features businesses from around the world that have built a brand advantage through humor. Packed with ideas on how you, your team, and your entire organization can put humor to work effectively in any workplace or business - this is a blueprint for creating an inspiring workplace culture that can help any business achieve outrageous results. The book includes ideas on: how to brand your business to attract employees; how to hire for and with humor; how to build a tribal culture that's a barrel of laughs; how to motivate employees, recognize employees and celebrate success at work; hot to make your workplace messages contagious and communicate more effectively; how humor can drive creativity and innovation at work; how humor lowers stress at work; how humor can help brand your business to attract customers and how humor can help you turn your long term customers into passionate fans. As packed with ideas as it is fun to read, The Humor Advantage is the definitive book on the topic of humor in the workplace - a rollicking read that can help any employee, leader, team, or organization laugh all the way to the bank!


About the Author

Known as one of North America's leading authorities on workplace culture, Michael Kerr travels the world researching, writing, and speaking about inspiring workplace cultures and humor in the workplace. He is a Hall of Fame business speaker whose ideas on building better workplaces have been featured in numerous publications. Michael is also the author of five other books.