The Story of God, The Story of Us: Getting Lost and Found in the Bible


Before the Bible was a book, it was flesh and blood. Sean Gladding takes us between the lines of Scripture to listen in on the conversations of people wrestling with the Story of God for the first time. Whether sitting around a campfire in Babylon, reclining at table in Asia Minor or huddled together by candlelight in Rome, we meet people encountering the Story for the first and the hundred-and-first time. With them we hear a tale that is at once familiar and surprising. The Story of God, the Story of Us is an account of Scripture that introduces us to people who remind us of ourselves, because as much as the Bible is a story about God, it's also a story about us - a story, perhaps, we have yet to hear.


About the Author:

Sean Gladding is a pastor, author, speaker and neighbour. He is passionate about the Story the bible is telling, and walking alongside people as they find their place in it. A native of England, he and his family make their home in Lexington, Kentucky.


About the Narrators:

Sean and Rebecca Gladding have been telling this Story together for more than a decade. Whether in church buildings or coffee shops, parks or auditoriums they delight in narrating this epic Story to whoever is interested in hearing it.



"As artful as it is significant!" ~ Alan Hirsch, author of The Forgotten Ways and co-author of The Shaping of Things to Come.

"I commend this book to anyone exploring the bestselling, least understood book in the history of the world." ~ J.D. Walt Jr, CEO of Seedbed Publishing.

"Reeling in distant theological and historical abstractions, Sean makes the whole of the Bible intimate and readable. Parlanced in an accessible, down-to-earth renarration of the Scriptures, Sean fuses biblical tradition with captivating story and nuanced reflection." ~ Christopher L. Heuertz, author of Simple Spirituality and co-founder of Word Made Flesh and Gravity.



Relevant Magazine Top Ten Books, 2010

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