The Ten Supreme Laws to Power


The Ten Supreme Laws to Power, commonly known as "The Mighty Ten," are the supreme laws of business, whose successful mastery will ultimately put you at the center of a powerful business life. This audiobook is based upon the proven and basic principles presented in the book "Advanced Principles of Success & Prosperity." This work provides the blueprint for power, a totally new level of existence, a condition where you will be having a great influence, domination, force or authority over your work and others around you, as well as a high ability to create a desirable effect in your environment at will. These laws will give you a new viewpoint about the meaning of power in your work as well as your own personal life, which can be summed up concisely into one unforgettable slogan: Achievement of Positive Power is Possible!

Matthew M. Radmanesh, Ph.D., is currently a faculty member in the Electrical and Computer engineering (ECE) department at California State University, Northridge, CA. Dr. Radmanesh is a member of Eta kappa Nu and Tau Beta Pi Honor societies, and holds two patents for his pioneering works in Microwaves and Millimeter waves.

Dr. Radmanesh has authored several popular books including "Advanced Principle of Success & Prosperity," in 2012, “The Ultimate Keys to Success  in Business & Science,” in 2008, and “Cracking the Code of Our Physical Universe,” in 2006, and another “The Gateway to Understanding: Electrons to Waves and Beyond,”  in 2005.


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