The Ten Ultimate Keys To Abundance


This audiobook is an excerpt taken from the book by Dr. Radmanesh titled "Advanced Principles of Success and Prosperity". Dr. Radmanesh has authored several popular books including "Advanced Principle of Success & Prosperity," in 2012, “The Ultimate Keys to Success in Business & Science,” in 2008, and “Cracking the Code of Our Physical Universe,” in 2006, and another “The Gateway to Understanding: Electrons to Waves and Beyond,” in 2005.

This work has solidly ushered in a new golden era of incredible proportion for Mankind!

You have now acquired the blueprint of how to successively open ten doors, one after another, that will allow you to enter the well-protected inner sanctum of an abundant life, a whole new and magical paradigm to live your life by, where anything and everything is possible! With these ten keys you can achieve anything you want, attain your most cherished goals, and acquire any possession that you have ever dreamt of!

Matthew M. Radmanesh, Ph.D., is currently a faculty member in the Electrical and Computer engineering (ECE) department at California State University, Northridge, CA. Dr. Radmanesh is a member of Eta kappa Nu and Tau Beta Pi Honor societies, and holds two patents for his pioneering works in Microwaves and Millimeter waves.

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